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Raincraft Irrigation provides exceptional services for residential and commercial landscape sprinkler systems. With 20+ years experience in the irrigation industry I have the skills and expertise to satisfy all of your sprinkler system requirements; annual maintenance, repairs for all brands, renovation / additions, system auditing and limited new construction installation services.

A sprinkler system that is working properly is a great asset to your landscapes health and appearance. A system that is not working properly may be quite the opposite. 

Annual Maintenance

Spring Turn On

This is the initial startup and check of the sprinkler system after winter. The system will be pressurized with water and tested for leaks, non-functioning components and proper adjustment. Repairs to the system if needed can be completed at this time. After the spring turn on is completed the sprinkler system will be functional. If you choose not to run it that’s fine, I can leave the controller off or pre-programmed to come on at a later time in the season. It is recommended to have this service completed earlier than later and be ready for the watering season. The preferred time for this service is April-June

Summer Check-Ups

Having another walk through of the system in the hot summer months is highly recommended. It gives the opportunity to assess the coverage, watering schedule, and overall functionality of the system. With plants getting taller, traffic on the turf such as lawn mowing and activities, and the stress of hot/dry conditions; the system may need to be tailored for the seasonal demand. This time of year any deficiencies in the system are easily spotted and resolved. This service can be an oppurtunity to optimize the efficiency of your system and watering schedule. The preferred time for this service is June-August

Fall Winterization

This service is mandatory for a system that has been turned on for the season. Water left in the pipes and components may freeze and expand causing damage. Using an air compressor, air will be blown through the sprinkler system removing the water. After the winterization is complete the system will be inoperable till the following spring turn on. If necessary sprinkler heads can be marked with flags if you are planning on aerating your lawn. Repairs to the system are usually deferred till the following spring unless otherwise communicated. Preferred time for this service is October-early November. Please note that the cold can come in a hurry here in Wisconsin so the earlier the better.


Get it fixed right the first time. With 20+ years in the irrigation industry we’ve seen it all. I am knowledgeable with all of the different products from all of the manufacturers. I stock a wide variety of parts so replacements are on hand. I also have equipment and methods that allow me to diagnose problems in the systems quickly. I take pride in my work being clean, neat and treat your property with the utmost respect.

We will fix anything related to your sprinkler system.

Here are examples of common repair calls:

  • Broken or non-functioning sprinkler heads
  • Leaking or broken pipe
  • System will not turn on or will not shut off
  • Soggy Areas
  • Lake Pump issues
  • Problems related to the electrical system


If your landscape changes, chances are your irrigation system will have to also. Sometimes the landscape has just matured and the sprinkler heads are no longer in a useful location. Have you or will you be undergoing a major landscape project? Your irrigation system can be renovated to adapt to these changes. Moving, adding, or eliminating sprinkler heads can give you back optimal water coverage.


Your irrigation system can also be expanded. Adding additional zones will allow you to cover more turf, planting beds, or even annual hanging baskets or pots.

I can work with your landscape contractor and locate and mark key components of your system to avoid unnecessary costly damage.

I offer a very efficient design paying close attention to sun exposure, slope, and hydrozones.

System Auditing

Often I come across customers who moved into a home that has a system but know little about it. It can seem intimidating and frustrating to operate. By taking some time and collecting data we can get an accurate look at its performance. Knowing this will help fine tune a program for the controller, also giving you a way to project future municipal water bills if they apply.

Throughout the season changes to the watering program will have to be made. I can teach you how to operate your system and provide user manuals if needed. I can also provide you a map of your system if you do not have one.

Is your system all it can be?

Get comprehensive performance optimizing solutions, technologies and products. Here are just a few examples of ways to improve on an inefficient system:

– Correct head locations and nozzle sizes.

– Modern smart controllers and sensors.

– Correct operation and smart programming.

– Replace old wasteful products with new water saving ones.

New Installations

Raincraft Irrigation offers limited residential and commercial new installations. We will custom design an irrigation system to complement your landscape utilizing the best products in the market. Using trenchless technology, existing landscapes are left with minimal signs of trauma and heal fast. 

* Please inquire for up-to-date information on our availability this 2024 season.

The Raincraft Advantage

When you call Raincraft Irrigation you will always receive personalized service.

  • You will always be able to call and consult with me directly.
  • I will be the technician that comes to your property.
  • All of your service request(s) will be handled by me and I will be accountable for all the details and scheduling.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority, so the services we provide you with will be customized to your needs, expectations and schedule.
  • Having this seamless communication and continuity between company and customer will aid us in providing you with exceptional service which is exactly what we strive for.


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